Smart Testing Creates Customer-Centric Experiences

Best Western website


Best Western Hotels & Resorts has a global reach with a network of over 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries and territories. Through eighteen unique brands, Best Western provides a personal touch for each customer while addressing each property owner's diverse needs.

Best Western wants to be the choice of stay for all visitors. Its focus on building long-term relationships is delighting and engaging customers at every step of the customer journey. For Best Western, the customer journey begins when the customer plans a trip and searches for a place to stay. Then it progresses to making a reservation and later checking in and having a memorable experience at Best Western. Part of the customer journey is having a memorable digital experience, where customers are captivated at every touchpoint, are delivered the experience they want, and are focused on the endpoint. To undertake this endeavor, Best Western engaged Bounteous to optimize the online reservation in the customer journey.

Best Western mobile app over a backdrop of a best western hotel


By conducting a thorough user experience audit, Bounteous was able to identify and classify customer challenges in areas such as user goals, clarity, guidance, and efficiency. These pain points were all expertly addressed to remove frustration, increase transactions, and ensure Best Western website visitors' had the best experience.

A priority for Best Western has been the booking engine as it contains some of the highest-trafficked pages on the site. It was essential to understand why customers may leave the website before completing their reservations. Once these exit points were determined, working to remove friction points along the booking path allowed for a smoother customer journey. Bounteous took on the challenge of creating a unified digital experience that increased customer conversion while also driving Best Western's key messaging and branding.

Multiple frames of the Best Western online booking experience


Best Western uses several solutions to bring its digital experience to life. When choosing a new solution, a platform that allowed the team to host all integration in one place was a significant factor in the decision. Adobe was the chosen platform. The combined power of Adobe Target, the industry-leading optimization engine for AI-driven testing and personalization, in concert with the measurement and reporting capabilities of Adobe Analytics, offered an insightful view of the results. This insight would help lead Best Western to more robust personalization and more overall conversions.

Bounteous conducted an expert user experience (UX) audit using Adobe Analytics. We walked through the experience from a Best Western site visitor identifying areas of ease and friction across the customers' booking journey. The UX audit highlighted several opportunities, including; streamlining the checkout process, efficiency-driven member checkout, and improving the overall mobile user experience.

With these results, Bounteous recommended a redesigned version of the page and executed their first A/B test on the essential areas using Adobe Target. The number of site visitors who were shown the test page scaled from 10 percent to 50 percent as confidence increased based on the tests' analytical results. The results of the A/B test allowed Bounteous to improve the experience, capture additional bookings, and increase revenue.


From the time of launch, Best Western has seen incredible results. By pairing Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, the solutions provided reporting that demonstrated a unique view of the customers and their interactions with the site. These results impacted the site's design to enhance and personalize the user experience, leading to increased transactions. To understand the impact on the overall site, Best Western ran multiple tests with separate objectives. Both resulted in successful outcomes, including an 8% increase in "Add to Cart" interactions and a 3% lift in bookings.
8 %
increase in "Add to Cart"
3 %
lift in bookings