Redesigning a Business-Critical Platform for a Global Brand

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Frontline is one of the best-known pet healthcare brands on the planet—a household staple for dog and cat owners around the world. But their digital presence was lagging behind. They needed a global creative strategy and CMS implementation that would not only elevate their brand but also support their veterinary and pet store partnerships. That’s when they turned to us.

Frontline product pages from their site


In order to support a global brand, the new Frontline website had to be designed and developed on a flexible platform that accounted for a wide variety of product, content, and regulatory requirements. We were tapped to create a framework for Frontline that enabled various countries and regions to roll out the new site on their own timelines and language.

Frontline product pages on website


We designed a library of modules that could be tailored to meet Frontline's unique regulations as well as cultural differences around the world. This modular system ensured brand cohesion on a global scale. We also created brand guidelines that accounted for new digital, print, and packaging standards. The refreshed look of the brand served to unify product categories.

Frontline now has a website that accounts for regional variance without diluting the core brand. We took an atomized approach with Frontline, tackling big problems through small choices. The success of their website relaunch led to additional work within the Boehringer Ingelheim family of brands. Boehringer Ingelheim partnered with us to launch two new websites for their Nexgard and Heartgard products. The sites, built on Drupal, use a flexible, modular approach that allows administrators to easily manage content now and in the future.


The design choices we made with Frontline's streamlined website led to a more cohesive look and feel for the brand globally, creating more brand affinity and operational efficiencies.

During the first several phases of the program, we launched more than 40 sites globally in over 6 languages.
40 +
Sites Globally
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