Magento Overview


As a specialized Magento Commerce Partner, we have been providing solutions implemented by certified Magento developers since 2008. From custom integrations to complex enterprise implementations, Bounteous has the talent and experience to deliver on time. As one of the most powerful and scalable commerce platforms on the market, Magento is hugely popular for both B2B and B2C solutions, and it is backed by continuous testing, support, and extensions to keep you at the head of the pack.

In addition to offering best-in-class behavioral content through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Magento store owners get easier access to the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud tools, as well as an array of integrated Magento solutions.


  • Magento Commerce
  • Magento Order Management
  • Magento Business Intelligence
  • Magento Marketplace

Magento Commerce

This eCommerce platform operates on a global scale, so you will always find your business among a robust team of merchants, customers, and suppliers. With endless opportunities to customize the platform to your business’ exact needs, Magento Commerce allows you to make meaningful engagements, from first touch to final checkout.

Magento Order Management

You want your business to deliver both on- and off-line, and so do we. Our trained Magento engineers use Order Management to create a seamless customer journey wherever they want to shop, giving you omnichannel solutions for a global marketplace.

Magento Business Intelligence

Target, control, and manage data about each and every potential customer with Business Intelligence Pro. You won’t be guessing who to target because the data will be front and center with insights that take away feelings of confusion and replace them with clear visualizations.

Magento Marketplace

When you want to grow, the Marketplace helps you reap the rewards from others’ trials and errors. With thousands of available extensions, you can supercharge your existing Magento tools to pinpoint prime areas for improvement without starting from scratch. We can guide your upgrade in the Marketplace, so you can fix small holes before they sink your entire ship.